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Everlube® Products qualifies eight products to SAE AS5272C

Atlanta, GA - December 15, 2008 - Everlube®  Products is pleased to announce that the company now has eight products officially qualified to SAE AS5272C. As of July 1, 2008, SAE AS5272C required all products be formally qualified and listed on the Qualified Products List (QPL). Also as of the July 1, 2008 implementation date, Everlube Products was the only company to be officially recognized with products listed on the initial QPL. To qualify products to SAE AS5272, a company must be accredited to the AS9100 quality management system for the aerospace industry.

SAE AS5272C Type I products include: Everlube® 620C, Kal-Gard® FA, and Lube-Lok® 5306. Type II products include: Ecoalube® 642, Ecoalube 643 (a new lead-free version of Ecoalube 642), Kal-Gard RA, and Lube-Lok 2109. Type III products include: Everlube 9002 (low VOC).

Everlube Products provides new and improved specialty coatings that offer enhanced performance, and are safer for the individual users and the environment. Samples and/or literature for the SAE AS5272 approved products are available by contacting the Everlube Products customer service department via email ( or by calling 1-800-428-7802.


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